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My Ice Dragon Novice Pentathalon Entry 2007


1. Poem-villanelle style

2. Song-sung with drum accompaniment

3. Handmade linen-fiber paper

4. Handmade Black Walnut In

5. Calligraphy-Uncial style


**Note: The section of my paper on Black Walnut Ink is now available on www.florilegium.org under scribal arts.


A GIANT thank you to Lady Alheydis von Körckhingen for doing the calligraphy test for me with my first batch of ink!


My second and third tests during the cooking phase of the Black Walnut Ink for the Ice Dragon entry.


My poem/song "Our Hero", calligraphed with the black walnut ink on the handmade linen-fiber paper.

Please click on the poetry page to see the poem in PDF format.




If you are interested in seeing the entire paper, or have questions about this project, please contact me directly!