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Francine Bizzari is a gifted psychic who resides in Auburn, New York and is widely known throughout the U.S., CANADA and Europe for her work with clairvoyancy, healing, ghost hunting, auras and psychic readings. Francine is one of the most sought after psychics in the psychic field. When channeling a reading, Francine alters her conscious state to a point where she may unite with the Source of the information which is being sought. She warmly welcomes those who may wish to develop this awareness potential within themselves Her lectures are well attended by those who would share in this enlightening experience. Francine also requests healing energies for those with such needs, and she is actively interested in 'ghost hunting'.

Each person that has a reading with Francine leaves with a clear understanding of their problems to help
themselves and others to help themselves, as well as to live each day in a positive attitude.